Cap established “The A.C. Ratshesky Charity Foundation” on February 10, 1916 in celebration of his fiftieth birthday. In 1930, the name was changed to the “A.C. Ratshesky Foundation.” The following is an extract from the original Declaration of Trust.

“I desire … that this Foundation may be a beginning for the sympathetic trust of other men and women. And, because man’s life is of such short duration, and those services he may do for his fellow man are so few at best, I deem it a privilege to be allowed to give during my lifetime.

“It is my fervent prayer that this Foundation may be a blessing as well as a gift to all those whom it reaches.”

Throughout his life, Cap worked to remove the barriers to economic and social justice for Jewish and other immigrant groups. He was proud of his accomplishments, and he was profoundly grateful for the opportunities which had enabled him to pursue his dreams.

As an entrepreneur, Cap was dedicated to action and self-determination. It was his firm conviction that all people had a right to acquire the skills necessary to become full participants in our democratic society. Through this participation, Cap believed individuals were empowered to make decisions not only about their own futures, but also about the futures of the communities in which they lived.

Today, his life and the force of his personality continue to inform the grant-making philosophy of the A.C. Ratshesky Foundation.