Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation have a required proposal format?

Use the on-line application form available at . The login code is: Ratshesky

Will you accept requests from large organizations?

There are no program budget limitations as all grant proposals must have 100% fit with our guidelines. The Foundation seeks to support organizations where a small or medium-sized grant will make a meaningful contribution toward the development of a program or organization.

Will the Foundation subsidize student slots for GED, ABE, and ESOL programs?

The Foundation does not have the capacity to support the hundreds of small adult education programs in the Boston area. It prioritizes requests in the field of workforce development that have comprehensive programs that include job readiness, training, job placement, and post-placement programs. It also gives priority to requests that have formal connections with employers.

What do you mean by “recognized leaders in the field of youth development”?

The Foundation will give priority to organizations that specialize in youth development, consider it a core competency, and are recognized by their peers, funders, and community for their leadership in advancing the field.

Why do some projects that seem to fall outside the Foundation guidelines get funded?

The Trustees award a small number of grants to organizations that they identify. The Trustees have decided that all discretionary grants must adhere to the Foundation’s guidelines. No requests will be considered that fall outside the guidelines.

Do you meet with applicants?

Unfortunately, the large number of requests prevent staff from meeting applicants. Staff discuss requests over the phone when necessary.

How many applications do you receive and how many get funded?

The Foundation receives 35-45 applications each deadline and funds about 10 of them.

Do organizations that have applied under the old guidelines have to wait a year to apply under the new guidelines?

No. If you were denied in the past year, go ahead and reapply if you think you fit the guidelines.

What do you mean by “final grant” in my award letter?

Final does not mean forever. A final grant means that the Trustees will not consider your request for continued support during the next fiscal year. You must wait a year from the end of your last grant period before you can reapply for funding.

Do requests serving the Jewish community have to address one of the three priority areas of the Foundation?