Celebrated 100 Years!


It is with enormous pride that in 2016 the Trustees of the
A. C. Ratshesky Foundation celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of this private foundation. While from time to time, years ago, some of those serving the Foundation have not been related to the Founder, for the most part, stewardship has been placed in the hands of Cap Ratshesky’s descendants. Such is the case today with six cousins serving as the Foundation’s trustees.

Since 1916, the Ratshesky Foundation has strived to stay true to the tenets of the original declaration of trust, while refining its mission statement from time to time to serve the changing demographics and needs of Greater Boston.

Cap’s life and his many accomplishments are as inspirational today as they must have been during his lifetime. We know how proud he was to be an American, an engaged member of the Boston community, and someone who could improve the lives of those in need. His generosity and vision continue to inspire us. It is among the greatest privileges we have in our family to serve on this Board.

This important anniversary is a milestone to an outstanding individual. We hope that he is as proud of us continuing his incredible legacy as we are to be related to him.

The Trustees of the A. C. Ratshesky Foundation